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get back to work after being sick

How can you deal with your work after taking a break when you were ill? What can you do stop feeling guilty about missing work? Or maybe you feel angry about losing time and energy. What if you could change your life just a little with 1 simple thing you can do while you are sick? This is what I explore in this blog post…a few weeks ago I got an eye infection. This meant that I could not look at screens. So no Computer, No mobile, No blogging, No Twitter, No Facebook. And no T.V. or Reading or Painting. So how do I deal with returning to work while I am recovering? What is Best Way to Return to Work after Sickness?
Reading Time: 2 minutes
It involves three phases:

  1. Rest while you are recovering
  2. Slowly get back into the routine
  3. Go ahead


Let me elaborate a little on these 3 things…


1 – This will Change the Way You Think of Sickness:

When there is nothing much that you can do for work, then concentrate on relaxing. This gives your body full time to recover faster. Then when you begin to feel better take a little time to think about the ways that you can do your work better. This involves doing your work in a way that might be less stressful. Or it could be a faster way to do things while still keeping the quality good.

Whatever it is, you will find it good to simply ponder how you could do things better. There is no stress here since you will not be going to immediately do anything.

While you are in this phase jot down the things you have thought of. This list will come in handy later. So you will be using your down-time to think about improving your work life. And doing it in a relaxed yet productive way.


You are simply considering the Possibility of what could be.
Tweet: You are simply considering the Possibility of what could be #successfullife

2 – Slowly get back into the routine:

Whatever you have thought of, begin to slowly implement it into your work. Take it easy. Again this involves no stress. You are just going to have fun with gently implementing a new way of doing things better in your work. Remember that you are still recovering.

This is the phase that I am in right now. So implementation is in short bursts. Since I can’t work at a screen too long right now. Which is why this post on is a short one. I am ‘practicing what I preach’ so to speak. I am giving you the exact method that I am currently using.


Have fun trying out the new things you’ve thought of doing in your work



3 – Go ahead:

This is where you will go into more detail on making your work life better. I have already thought of several topics I can write on. I will be doing more work on these when I have fully recovered.


This is why Phase 1 & 2 are so important. These are the Possibility and testing out phases.

Phase 3 is where you will go ahead with what is showing promise.


This is it for today.  If you have an opinion or something to add to this then please comment. If you see a typo or something that needs correction then please let me know that too. If you liked this post then please share it.



Best Way to Return to Work after Sickness

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