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longtail pro reviewIf you are into any kind of online marketing, content creation or an affiliate marketer… you work from home and you want to know how to make money online then you will want to read this carefully.

LongTail pro works for you if you are:

+ A blogger
+ A marketer
+ A small business owner
It took me a long time to finally get LongTail Pro. Back in 2015 I really didn’t want to spend any money on any software to help me get more traffic. I was convinced that I could follow what the ‘Gurus’ were saying. They were talking about using the free Google adwords keyword research tool to find keywords. Many people were using it for free to get the right keywords. And so get free targeted website traffic to their blogs and online stores.
But in 2016 all that changed. Google put a restriction on the numbers that were displayed next to the keywords. So now if you didn’t advertise on Google then you couldn’t get the right numbers.
So what changed my mind?

Well 70,000 + Marketers can’t be wrong. They are willing to pay for this service because it is the best in the industry. It works. And you need the exact numbers for keyword searches.

And without the exact numbers your website would be dead in the water.

Because everyone really needs those long tail keywords.

The Longtail search is mostly about Search Engine Optimization or SEO.
Research has already shown that long tail keywords are the ones that real buyers search for.
So you need to have the right seo tools.
In a hurry? Check out the short video.

Longtail video:

See how Longtail Pro works in the Cloud version:


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If you don’t know what I mean then you might say “But Sharon what is this thing “Longtail keywords”?
Since Money is one of the main things we talk about on, let us look at it from the Money angle:
Now Longtail pro has the added factor of KC or Keyword Competition built in.
So the average KC of a keyword lets you know how well you can rank for it BEFORE you put in the effort to write an article. Or BEFORE you pay the writer to write it for you. So you know beforehand whether or not you have a winner.

Here are the magic numbers:


Can you base everything on KC? No. of course not. But I have found that I don’t need to do a whole lot more than that if I have picked a good keyword with good KC.

For example if you wanted to buy a specific pair of Nike shoes: “NIKE FREE RN MOTION FLYKNIT 2017”, THAT is what you would type into Google search.
Now of course the Nike store is the one that comes up in all the main search results.
But After that the results comes up the REVIEW blogs and websites.

See what I mean?
When a person types in a specific keyword that consists of 3 or more words it becomes a “long tail keyword phrase”.
And before people buy such things:

  • They want to read the Reviews for it.
  • They want to see ratings.
  • They want to see anything else that might have been written about it.

So the phrase now becomes a “Money Keyword Phrase”… which means that people are willing to pay for the product.

Now the top ranking website after the Nike store (which also ranks for this keyword phrase) has done a nice job of targeting a long tail word. And what they have also done is written a little bit more about the shoe. And they also have videos of reviews about it while targeting the Related keywords too.


And they most likely simply took the videos from youtube.
Think you could do something simple like that too?

longtail-keyword tool showing buyer keywords for Amazon affiliate products
As you can see the shoe sells for the lowest price of $79. You could get a commission from Amazon for that.
So if you write a review of it and put your affiliate link in the buy button, then people who read your review could buy through your website or blog.


So how do you get the Right Keywords that You can rank for?

So if you want to sell products as an affiliate, you would need to know:

1 – Exactly which keywords to target in your blog post.
2 – You would need to know who the completion is.
3 – And you would need to know how strong they are according to Google.


Yes you could also target Yahoo and Bing. But the fact is that Google is the 900 pound Gorilla on the block. So you might as well start with that.


The Problem with using Free Keyword Research Tools:

Now the problem with using only free resources like Google Search is that it is confined to the region you live in. So if you type in the search phrase you will get results from that region.
For example: if you live in Australia…and you want to target more buyers from the U.S., then you will need to know your competition within the U.S. search results. But if you use the free search results then you will most likely see results from Australia and the closer regions.
– So you would not know what your competition really is.
– And you would not know how easy or difficult it would be to rank against them
The solution:
There aren’t many tools that give you this solution. But with LongTail Pro software I found that I could easily set my search results to target a country. So that solved my first problem.
So I type in the search phrase and set the country as U.S. and LongTail Pro will give me the keywords for that country. And it will also give me my chances of ranking against that completion.
You need to know: Can you rank better than your competition?

Video: Using Longtail Pro 2017 to Analyze Your Competition:

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What are Related Keywords and why do you need those too?

Because when people search for products they will also want to read about related things.
For the shoe it would be fit, comfort etc.

Another example: if people search for Long Tail Pro REVIEWS, they might also want to know about Seo, affiliate marketing, Amazon Affiliate marketing. Maybe they want to know about getting things on Sale. Like getting a long tail pro discount code.

So in this post I have also talked about how you can find long tail keywords to help with Amazon affiliate marketing.

And yet I also kept it in line with the general ‘make money online’ theme of my blog. See how I did that?



You can also track your keyword ranking online. You can input your keywords and the software will track how you are doing over time.

longtail keywords tool rank tracker for your top keywords


Now you might have other concerns like:
How much does it cost?
Well the price of LongTail pro does keep changing. But now that it is a cloud based software, they have also given two options: you can buy it using a monthly plan or you can buy the annual plan and get more discount. I have not regretted getting Longtail pro.
You can also try it out using the free 7 day trial period.

What ELSE do I get with it?
You get FREE Access to Long Tail Pro University which has tutorials. They show you how to use the software, and what all you can do on your site to get more traffic.


You might still be on the fence for this one. Let me tell you how else you can use this service:
Sell the service itself. You can do this in two ways.
1 – You can use Fiverr or Upwork and sell your service as a keyword research specialist. There are people who want quick keyword research done. But they don’t want to spend money on any subscription. So they are willing to pay for it to be done.


People are charging anywhere from a low $5 for a very basic package upto $300 for a top level package with keyword competitor research. And LongTail Pro has competitor or KC (Keyword Competition) built in.
Since the cloud based service offer at an average of 10,000 searches per month I think that is more than enough. You’d probably use up about 3000-5000 a month. So that leaves you an additional 5000 keyword searches you could sell.
2 – You can also be an affiliate of the programme. Sign up and use the software. And then advertise it on your blog using your affiliate link.
So you can see how the LongTail Pro app pays for itself.

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You are my Awesome subscribers 🙂



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How LongTail Pro 2017 Can Get You More Search Engine Traffic And Make You More Money

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